Our Spiritual Closet

Galatians 3:27 For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ.
But do we keep Christ on?
Some people change their attitudes like they change their clothes. They put on their Christian selves on Sunday morning and take them off when they leave church. Put on dishonesty Wednesday morning and take it off Wednesday night.
Our heart is like our closet for our attitudes. We had many different outfits for different occasions. But when we put on Christ, we realize we don’t have room for the other things. So now we have three choices. We can either drop Christ and walk away, try to shove him in with our other attitudes, or clean out the closet and give our hearts totally to Christ.
How many times do we say “I’m a Christian” and have to open our spiritual closet to prove it? How many times have we said that while dressed in sin?
When we become Christians, we give ourselves to God. There is no room for us.
In the parable of the wedding feast, the king throws open the gates to the banquet. Anyone can come. But the man with no wedding clothes was thrown out. Our lives as Christians are similar.
By the grace of God, we can enter heaven. Anyone can come to Christ. But we have to have a Christian attitude. We can’t waltz into heaven dressed in sin.
Once, we had unstained spirits. But sin stained them and left us with no hope of heaven. Jesus died so his blood could buy us hope for heaven. God gives us our hope. We don’t earn it.
All we do is put it on.



baptism la

Laura Anne is my 11-year-old daughter.

 She wrote this after returning home from her baptism into Christ.