Bees! Amazing Evidence for a Creator

How many times have you been outside when you heard a familiar sound: Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Chances are there was a bee nearby. Even though they sometimes send people screaming, these amazing creatures are evidence for a Designer. Now let me tell you what I love about bees to help you see the beautiful design God placed on this earth.

First of all, when the bees return from foraging, they do a “waggle dance.” This is an accurate form of communication which allows the bees to tell the hive where nectar is. The dance works in a figure eight patternBuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, with the bees doing a waggle run, which is the section in the middle of the eight where the bees run forward and start waggling. The distance from the hive is conveyed by how long the bees do their waggle run. The direction in which the bees do their waggle run is relative to the sun. For example, if the nectar is in the same direction as the sun, the bee runs straight up the hive. Each degree turned to the left or right represents one degree to the left or right of the sun. Amazingly, bees who have been in the hive for long enough after their foraging that the sun has moved are able to determine where the nectar is relative to the new position of the sun and change their waggle dance! [1] Personally, I have trouble believing such a precise method of communication could come from evolution and a big explosion.

Second, speaking of evolution, the bee’s mutual relationship with flowers causes a problem for evolution. Thirty percent of the world’s crops and ninety percent of wild plants are pollinated by bees.[2] Without bees, the world’s flowering plants would die off. However, bees depend on flowers’ nectar to make honey. Without flowering plants, the world’s bees would die off. Do you see the problem? If flowers evolved before bees, as the evolutionary theory suggests, the plants would die without bees to pollinate them. If bees evolved before flowers, then the bees would die without any honey to eat. The only option is that an intelligent designer created them both, and close to the same time.

May the force bee with you.

Jeny / Pixabay

Finally, we hit the topic of the mysterious flight of bees. For many years, how they flew was unexplained by science, but it turns out that bees do not fly by flapping their wings up and down. Instead, they move their wings in a circle back and forth, and they have to do it 180 times a second.[3]This creates a vortex over each of their wings, and since that vortex is a low pressure area, the bee is pulled upwards.[4] This creates enough lift to get the bee off of the ground. If the answer to this question eluded scientists for many years, how could it be brought about by an explosion?

With their intricate waggle dance, the bees communicate with their hive and give us evidence for God. Their mutual relationship with flowering plants is an interesting obstacle to evolution. Their perplexing method of flight is proclaiming our Lord. Bees are a little marvel of our world, and great evidence for our Creator.

Written by Laura Anne Ling, age 12.